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As video ads become more and more popular it is important that your video ads look professional and yet keep costs down. A video ad creation marketplace is the easiest and best place to make sure you get high quality ads at low cost. Professional video production is cost-effective because you get broadcast-quality video from experts that know all the tricks to make your video, TV ad, or infomercial look as good as possible. Whoever if you want to do it on 35” or on The Red we can do it too!

From the beginning, the purpose of The Big Strawberry has been simple and direct. We produce quality direct response television (DRTV) commercial and infomercial campaigns that provide results.

The Big Strawberry compromises nothing for quality. Make every moment count. Create the best with ingenuity and integrity. Exceed expectations and establish fulfilling long-term relationships with your clients.

From concept to completion, The Big Strawberry will skillfully develop the most effective methods for producing successful infomercials and short-form direct response television (DRTV) commercials.

Our talented writers, directors, and producers, are not only award-winning experts in direct response television production, but also skilled direct marketers. This knowledgeable DRTV production group understands the process of creating a successful infomercial that combines network-quality production with solid direct response principles. The result is an infomercial that captures the viewers’ attention and motivates them to take action.

A The Big Strawberry infomercial production starts with a “Product Orientation Meeting.” Our infomercial production team meets with the client for a daylong, in-depth introduction to the product, in order that The Big Strawberry clearly understands all of the features and benefits the product has to offer.

After the product orientation meeting, the creative concept and scriptwriting begins: a collaborative process, between The Big Strawberry’s infomercial producers and the client, to ensure that all features and benefits of the product are carefully and clearly demonstrated. As the creative development stage progresses, The Big Strawberry begins the detailed preproduction process of researching consumer testimonials, product testing, location scouting, and arrangement for talent. Once filming of the infomercial production commences, The Big Strawberry’s infomercial producers carefully manage every dollar to make sure the client receives the maximum value for the money expended.
When filming is completed, the team supervises all aspects of postproduction, from editing to sound design, until the TV infomercial production project is complete and ready to air.



The 28:30 is the staple of direct response marketing and can serve as the backbone of a successful DRTV campaign. When producing a 28:30, Launch DRTV will handle everything from beginning to end: concept development, script writing, testimonial recruitment, production, talent casting and complete post-production. We work with you to make sure the final production is on strategy with your brand, message and vision.

Launch DRTV’s :60 and :120 spots deliver a crisp, concise message that makes the phones ring and drives traffic to your website (Don’t a website? Please go to Website/Development link in our website) A solid short form spot complements your long form production and overall media plan and is an effective tool in driving retail.

Completed List Of Television Services

The Big Strawberry shoots in a wide range of formats and create everything from corporate projects to commercials to network broadcast TV—all to tell your story. We concept it, produce it, finish it and help identify the right distribution channels to most effectively distribute it. We help garner feedback on the product and analyze its effectiveness. We follow up.

The quality of our Production team also hinges on the fact that they are closely involved in the post-production discipline, increasing their ability to make the right choices in the field when it counts. Good direction, lighting and sound are essential. Efficiency saves you money and makes for a better end result

Our Post-Production team is staffed by a slew of tops-in-the-industry video editors. Each day they put our dozen edit suites through the paces producing projects ranging from small, independent productions to pod casts to broadcast television.

We like to engage with the client as early as possible in the project. Being closer to the conception of the project allows us to bring greater value to the production, influencing the project from that light-up moment through airtime. Has your project crashed and burned? We have the experience to pick it up and make it work. We’ll lead you through the process without too much technical talk. Whether it’s a feature film, commercial, corporate communication, documentary, independent film, or video podcast, our one-stop level of service will ensure you get high-quality, on time and on budget.



Note: This is the cost to produce your commercial. Airtime is additional. Sometimes, what you need to say on your TV commercial, would be more clear with words and graphics. That’s why we created a basic animation package, where we can use words and visuals to get your message across.

$ 1,000 -
  • Custom written script by our creative team
  • Simple text and graphic animation
  • Complete editing and production of finished spot
  • Your business information, including logo, phone number, etc.
  • Delivery to TV station

*Note: This is the cost to produce your commercial. Airtime is additional. Sometimes the best way to relate your message is saying it yourself. We can do that for you, sending our own production crew to get the best footage possible to create your own TV commercial.

$ 4,500 -
  • Custom written script by our creative team
  • Simple text and graphic animation
  • Complete editing and production of finished spot
  • Music and voice over
  • Your business information, including logo, phone number, etc.
  • Delivery to TV station

*Note: This is the cost to produce your commercial. Airtime is additional. You know what you want to say and you might even have a product. We’ll create a whole set in our facility, with cameras and lighting to create a national level TV ad with a film look. Forget cheesy commercials from your local cable station, this will look like the pros!

$ 15,000 -
  • Custom written script by our creative team
  • Full blown shoot by our production crew (including lighting)
  • Up to 6 actors
  • Filming typically is in our production studio
  • Music and voice over
  • Your business information, including logo, phone number, etc.
  • Delivery to TV station

*Note: This is the cost to produce your commercial. Airtime is additional. Animation can be very effective, and we can do that for you. Our creative team will meet with you and we will create a concept that will be the envy of your competition.

$ 15,000 -
  • Custom written script by our creative team
  • High-End animation graphics
  • Complete editing and production of finished spot
  • Music and voice over
  • Your business information, including logo, phone number, etc.
  • Delivery to TV station

*Note: This is the cost to produce your commercial. Airtime is additional. You cannot get any better than this! Film style TV commercial to compete with the national brands. Actors/actress, lighting, special effects, film look, etc. You’ll get it all!

$ 50,000 -
  • Full blown shoot by our production crew (including lighting)
  • omplete editing and production of finished spot
  • Music and voice over
  • Your business information, including logo, phone number, etc.
  • Delivery to TV station


Accurate audience measurement can help you reach the right audience with less waste, so you can do more with less.

The Big Strawberry help you to find the TV programs and networks that best reach your desired audience based on actual audience tuning data.

THE BIG STRAWBERRY has focused their efforts on media buying, direct response marketing and airtime advertising for television. THE BIG STRAWBERRY works closely with their clients to automate the entire DRTV process. We offer access to live operators and call center service for DRTV campaign testing, analysis, tracking, product fulfillment and more.



1. Make an infomercial media buy part of your media buying strategy. More than ever before, traditional advertisers are pulling their ads due to budget constraints. This leaves television stations and radio stations with empty slots that need to be filled, often quickly. When direct response television (DRTV) is part of your strategy you can obtain those advertising slots for a fraction of the cost.

2. Use a professional direct response television production team to produce your infomercial. A professionally produced spot will go a long way towards reaching your target market while a second rate spot will fail to produce your desired results. Just because your advertisement is designed for an infomercial media buy does not mean that it should be anything less than top-notch.

3. Devise a way to measure results. As with any form of marketing, you should track your return on investment for direct response television (DRTV). Measure results and adjust your media buying accordingly. What works well in one season or market segment may not work equally well for all seasons or market segments. If your infomercial media buy is not getting the desired results, find out why.

4. Make customers a priority. In today’s ultra-competitive economy, a good customer service experience can be the difference between getting more business and going out of business. Make sure that your phone operators are well trained to be polite and responsive to callers. Your product shipment process should also be simple and hassle-free for customers.

5. Consider your demographic when producing an infomercial media buy. Studies show that customers are most likely to buy from someone they can relate to. Make sure that you cast actors and actresses who fit your target demographic when producing your direct response television (DRTV) slot. The wrong infomercial cast can be the difference between success and failure.

6. Offer a deal. Consumers are always looking to get more for their money, but in these tough economic times, the deal is more important than ever. You can include a deal in your DRTV offer by adding a gift to each purchase, offering twice the product for the same price, or otherwise showing how purchasing the product will save the customer money.

7. Use your direct response television slot to tell a story. Ask yourself how the product will change the customer’s life and then script a story that shows the life change to your target audience. Everyone loves a good story. Effective use of storytelling in DRTV spots can affect your media buying success in a dramatic way.

8. Be honest and truthful when producing material for an infomercial media buy. Nothing will hurt your media buying campaign more than misinformation in a direct response television slot. Make sure that the claims you make in your infomercial media buy are accurate and correct. Your job as a media buyer is to educate customers about a product’s benefits.

9. Repetition is key in direct response television. Studies show that the average person forgets most of what they see or hear on television in less than a day. That is why you should use repetition in your DRTV slot if you want your media buying to be effective. It is a proven fact the repetition of key points helps the memory.

10. Make sure the customer can contact you. It may seem obvious, but including a working phone number and repeating often during your infomercial media buy can make the difference between successful sales and frustrated would-be customers. Also, make sure that there are enough operators available so that when a customer does call the customer is not placed on hold or does not get a busy signal.


To appreciate the true value of a particular media buy, we have grouped TV stations into three categories and analyzed their rates based on their comparative coverage. The three categories are:

These TV stations are either cable networks or national super-stations. (To illustrate, we’ll use Nickelodeon at 1:30 a.m. on weekdays, which costs $12,500.)

These are local Broadcast TV Stations in smaller or secondary cities, with usually less than 500,000 TV homes. (We’ll use WWAT, an independent in Columbus, Ohio at 1:30 a.m. On weekdays, which costs $150.)

Charting comparative rates and effective reach of each station yields the following:

Nationals > $12,500 > 63 Million > 0.20

Primary > $900 > 1.2 million > 0.75

Secondary > $150 > 350,000 > 0.43

*The acronym CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand ( M stands for Mil, Latin for thousand).


Television reaches virtually all (98%) US households. THE BIG STRAWBERRY helps you target your television advertising to generate the most return. Television audiences are fragmented. You have to find the right place to get results from your spots. With all the viewing choices, advertisers are finding it difficult to reach consumers at an effective level of frequency. Here is where THE BIG STRAWBERRY can help.
Free television ad evaluation. THE BIG STRAWBERRY will work with you to evaluate your current television creative to see what Cost Per Action campaigns are currently available. If we need to re-work the creative, we can fine tune your spot to maximize the results. We will evaluate your spot and get market quotes for you at no charge. Then we will match your offer to the right outlets.
Turn key campaign implementation. Once we have established the Cost Per Lead you can achieve in the marketplace, THE BIG STRAWBERRY will handle getting the campaign launched from placement to getting commercials out to stations. You save time and money by letting us handle the details. The multi-media plan. Households with higher incomes have proven to spend nearly the same amount of time with television and radio. By having a Multi-Media plan in place, you can double or triple your campaign’s impact. When you have Media Source on your team, you will always get an opportunity to see which media will maximize your results.

Airtime and Media Buys

THE BIG STRAWBERRY can assemble an entire advertising package of networks for you that deliver to the right people for the right price.

THE BIG STRAWBERRY will match any schedule in the US and Canada and beat all major competitors’ rates GUARANTEED!

Some TV Networks We Work With

A&E Network
Animal Planet
ABC Family
Cartoon Network
A&E Network
E! Entertainment
Fox Sports Net
CNN Headline News
Lifetime – Television for Women
History Channel
MTV – Music Television
Oh! Oxygen
Travel Channel
Weather Channel
TV Land

ABC Family
ABC Family
Comedy Central
ABC Family
Discovery Channel
The History Channel
Golf Channel
Home-Garden TV
USA Network
Food Network

A&E Network
Discovery Channel
ESPN Classic
Fox News Channel
Fox Sports Espanol
The Golf Channel
Headline News
Court TV
Music Television